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Applesauce - Certified Organic and Kosher

Our applesauce is fat free, made from fresh triple washed ripe organic apples.

Photos of our applesauce products.

Gravenstein applesauce

Plain applesauce

Peach applesauce

Raspberry applesauce

Blackberry applesauce

Boysenberry applesauce

Apricot applesauce

Strawberry applesauce

Cinnamon Crunch applesauce

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What makes the Gravenstein such a star?

Gravenstein Applesauce

Horticulturists say its triple chromosome has the strongest will to survive of any apple. Our Gravs, many 100 years old with 30 foot canopies, are grown in Sonoma County's hot dry climate. We purposely don't irrigate. Forcing the trees to seek moisture builds character, crunch and intensifies aroma and flavor.

Giant Sebastopol gravenstein trees have proudly rewarded generations with world-renowned flavor since the 1880 plantings. These original trees, still healthy and in active production, tower with impressive gracefulness on our Appleseed hillsides. Many trunk circumferences are over 7 feet--living tribute to the ambitious tasks performed by determined pioneers. Our century-old trees were planted at a time when horses provided the power and surviving off the land was an adventure; when flavor and character were important. Appleseed Orchards is continuing to produce these old-fashioned apple varieties that we know your family will value for quality and purity.

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Plain / Blend Applesauce

Our plain / blend applesauce is manufactured from 100% organic apples. Compare it with other sauces. Due to the unique production procedures we have established, you will find our sauce to be crunchier and more flavorful than any sauce in the world.

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It's the real thing!

Peach Applesauce

Our Peach flavored sauce ranks right up there with our Grav and Blend sauces, when it comes to populartiy. Try some! You will know why this item is one of our most successful products.

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Organic raspberries....umhh!

Raspberry Applesauce

This very popular sauce has raspberry puree, organic raspberries, and raspberry concentrate with natural flavors. Once again, this product ranks right up there with our Grav, Blend and Peach sauces.

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Ever pick blackberries?

Blackberry Applesauce

Remember Picking Blackberries?

Now that's a slow lane memory, while you're stuck on the freeway. Remember disappearing to the creek in the heat of summer to pick plump, stain-your-fingers blackberries? Wasn't your dog Old Yeller yapping close behind, while Granddad called you to the porch with fresh lemonade?

Well, OK, OK, that was somebody's memory. Heck, you can use it.

So when you're stuck in the fast lane--when the check's due and the kids are cranky--grab some peace for yourself.

Go back to your freedom days.
Back to blackberries.

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About the time you're through pickin' blackberries,
you have to go back to get some boysenberries!

Boysenberry Applesauce

Be proud that you go organic. It's a matter of principle. You not only take care of your own health, but sometimes ignite that fresh idea in others to do the same. Organic Boysenberry sauce, not so small step in the right direction.

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Who Has Time To Cook?

Apricot Applesauce

You rush here. You fly there. You're lucky if you can grab a bite on the run.

So here is a great grazing choice, Apricot applesauce. Open the frig. It's perfect right out of the jar. Our Apricot is smooth as a sorbet, with no fat and half the calories. Bonus perk: Apricots are rich in vitamin A, which reduces susceptbility to infections and strengthens vision.

Fitness aside, when you have time for a candlelit dinner, heat gently, slip it into a parfait glass, drizzle cool cream on top, and garnish with any ruby red fruit.

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What could make you content?

Strawberry Applesauce

Upon seeing the Caribbean 'Los Indios' in their natural state, Christopher Columbus wrote:

"The people of the islands...all go naked, as their mothers bore them....They feel no need to be fitted with iron or steel or weapons...although well-built and of handsome stature...And never refuse anyone anything they possess, if it be asked of them...On the contrary, they invite anyone to share it. These (pure people) display as much love as they could give of their hearts. Whether a thing be of value or of small price...whatever trifle is given, they are content..."

If those natives had our strawberry applesauce, they might not have been so generous with that over dressed out-of-towner.

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Cinnamon Crunch Applesauce

Ever had a spoonful of old-fashioned-chunky applesauce in your mouth? You have to try our new Cinnamon Crunch!

Mouth feel. That's what modern chefs call it. Mouth feel is that satisfying crunch. It's that cool, interesting, texture in your mouth. You've either got it or you don't. This is no plopped-on-your-plate, slide-into-your-mashed-potatoes applesauce.
Noooooo. This is plump fruit with its hearty fiber intact!

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Unforgettable Hero

A true American folk-hero...John Chapman (1774-1845), was fondly called "Appleseed" by his fellow settlers on the Ohio-Indiana frontier. By his early twenties, John 'Appleseed' was planting riverbank apple seedling nurseries in preparation for demand by settlers 'homesteading land' in those 'Northwest Territories.'

The government homestead requirement was: a dwelling to be constructed, 3 acres of land cleared, and an orchard tto be set out - all within 3 years of claim filing for 160 acres. Property taxes were waived for 5 years. Much land was to be settled, and the durablee apple tree was widely desired and profoundly practical for food, vinegar, hard cider, etc.

Johnny became a hero because by often waiving his customary price of 3cents per tree, many cash-poor families acquired land. His personal eccentricities became legendary. Johnny felt satisfaction in witnessing the genius of nature's Creator: that seeds, trees and fruit were gifted tools for him to earn his liberty by being of service to his fellow man. "Oh, the angels did commune with the good old man."

Enjoy the purity and flavor from Appleseed Orchards!